I found this nest yesterday on a walk. It was sitting in the middle of a footpath and so I took it home.

I do believe in a Maker. The book of Genesis in the Bible says that we were made in the Maker’s image, and I believe this to be is true, on so many levels. One way that I see myself being like the great Maker is that He’s given me a maker’s mind.

Maybe that’s why I think a nest is so precious, so special. It gives me a glimpse into another maker’s mind. I love the care this bird has taken in building the first home for her little ones (generally female birds build the nest). Can you see she’s used a softer fibre in the middle? The maker was, perhaps, thinking of making it comfortable for those newly hatched bodies. The collecting, the weaving and the resourcefulness – I find it a thing of wonder. And there’s an instinctiveness in the making of this little beauty that I am so taken by: it’s what birds do!

Here’s the work of a tiny artist, a designer, another maker, just doing what comes naturally.