I like to stitch. That’s clear.

But I also like to crochet.

I like to play at origami and make paper cranes.

I gather interesting paper and sew it together into multilayered gift cards.

I like to play with watercolours and create my best painted version of a gum leaf I found on the footpath.

I love to take photographs of leaves arranged in spectrum order.

I make quilts.

I love to make pork dumplings from scratch.

I make my own chai tea and the smell is intoxicating.

I love to bake (a gift handed down by my European mother)

I love playing the clarinet.

I love singing my heart out, harmonising to old (and new) folk music.

I love filling my house with vases of flowers from my spring garden.

If you love to be creative, and you think you’ve found your thing, why not try something new?  Trying something new can open a door to so many new pleasures. Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s the process that brings joy, and perhaps, also the eventual outcomes. Or maybe you’ll be happy with your first attempt.

So what’s next?

I want to try making ceramic cups. I want to learn how to use the potter’s wheel

I want to paint some walls in my house (something I’ve been too afraid to do until now)

I want to improve at playing the Irish tin whistle.

I want to turn my garden into the most perfect summer haven.

What have you wanted to do for a long time? Write yourself a list. Then try something new!  Still lacking courage? Invite a friend to join you as you do.

 Homemade biscuits in a box that I upcycled and decorated with christmas sheet music and other lovely paper. Some of the biscuits are favourite childhood recipes of Mum’s. I took this to family Christmas lunch one year, to share with my siblings. Making it was so much fun as well as a sentimental journey for me.

 a tiny card I painted to tie onto a tiny present

a photo of a rainbow of gum leaves I collected on my walk to pick up my kids from school

  a quilt for a newborn niece